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I faithfully pray for a revival and will wait for it until the end of my life. What a beautiful picture: Just as nature wakes up after hibernation and more and more flowers break through to light, so I wish that the spirit of God wakes up "spiritually" sleepers and opens their eyes, ears and hearts to His light. And that they then get started and come from all sides to the people of God (that is his worldwide community) and that this river swells more and more. This is a revival for me!


On the one hand, visitors of these pages will be readers who may be completely unfamiliar with religious content or who have only some basic knowledge from Religious Education. On the other hand, there will be believing Christians who are interested in these topics, have had similar or other experiences, or would like to.

As for the first group, only the first three contributions actually apply:




The remainder of the discussion is aimed at believers who want to grow on their way with God and enter into an increasingly intimate relationship. They long for their lives to be in order and His kingdom to spread visibly in this world. These too, depending on their religious background and doctrine (Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Pietistic, Charismatic, Pentecostal, etc.), will welcome or reject my theses, but will hopefully always examine them against the Word of God in the Bible in the light of the Holy Spirit.

However, in accordance with Jesus Christ, I can say one thing for sure: we should be totally devoted to God, without compromise in terms of our stubbornness, our sins and the world. So we should not "limp between two opinions" because we cannot "serve two masters". The kings in the Old Testament are a negative example, who, on the one hand, served God in the temple and on the other hand also "sacrificed at the high places". Jesus told us that it costs your whole life. You must hand it over completely and undividedly to your Lord with total confidence, honestly speaking: "Lord, I have failed completely. I am exhausted and at a breaking point. I want to belong to you, with every fibre of my being  and without any restrictions. I totally trust you. You can do whatever you want with me! "

After this unconditional and sincere step of devotion with a complete declaration of bankruptcy over my life up to that point, I had a drastic experience in 2003, which I later interpreted on the basis of similar reports as a baptism with the Holy Spirit. It is also possible that at that time Father and Son took up residence in me according to Jesus' promise in John 14:23. Be that as it may, belief that God really lives and reigns became certainty. At last, after decades of struggles full of defeats, I can be permanently victorious against for example my "favourite sin" . Now without any effort. I'm eager for everyone to experience the same thing. I therefore pray faithfully for a revival, in Garmisch, in Bavaria, in Germany, in Europe, in the whole world. I experience ups and downs, trials and tribulations. But I know that I am infinitely safe because no one can seize me out of God's hand. Jesus protects his sheep. He saves us from ravening wolves. If we believe in God and His angels, then we also have to believe that there is the devil, along with his demons and evil spirits, who wants to influence our lives for the worse. After all, he is the "prince of this world" (and this is what it looks like !!).

Who is the most dangerous threat to Satan's goals? Of course, the most credible and powerful witnesses of Jesus through which God can save people. The enemy's counter-strategy must therefore start here: bring confusion to the people of God, destroy their unity, falsify the gospel and paralyze their strength. The devilish thing about this tactic: Because the unbelieving and atheistic world poses no danger to Satan, he approaches believing Christians who actually want to live with God. Anyone whose heart does not fully belong to God has room for an evil spirit. One can recognize this spirit by its effects (fruits). There is the spirit of Jezebel (of power and manipulation), the spirit of discontent, the spirit of self-righteousness, the spirit of the whore of Babylon (pornography, pedophilia), etc. God doesn't want us to limp in two directions. We cannot serve two masters. If we sincerely invite the Holy Spirit into all the chambers of our heart, he will also enter the darkest corners with his light - and every evil spirit must give way to him!

Lucifer disguises himself as an "angel of light" and causes a 2,000 year long Christian civil war through glare and false teachings. The fatal thing is that all sides are convinced that they are fighting for God and the right cause, and they refer to the Bible as God's word.

Are there several truths about God? Does His Holy Spirit speak with a forked tongue? Are the promises of Jesus only fairy tales? Why is it that so little of His kingdom is visible, that many Christians look so unredeemed and that many Bible words have remained unfulfilled so far?

As is always the case in terms of the inception of an awakening, I too pray, hope and believe that God will abolish this "Babylonian confusion of words" through his Spirit, and unite his people, so that they may believably and in authority bear witness of his Son, Jesus Christ, and His love and glory. And as all revival movements have shown, the troubled prince of this world, the devil, is trying to fight it. We must always be aware that we are also in a spiritual battle against invisible powers and in need of the armour of God. But we must be confident, because as my godson Frederik quoted so unsurpassably: "The book of Revelation, which outlines the events of the end of the world, can, in my opinion, be summarised as follows: Jesus wins!"

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